Saturday, December 12, 2015

Church Christmas Play Practice

Last week at church, we were excited to hear that our toddlers' Sunday School class was putting on a Nativity play for the church Christmas program in a couple weeks! Edson even has a staring role as the "star!" Anahi and Denis have a speaking part too (really they just recorded them saying their lines and the kids have to act it out), so I'd say they're doing pretty well. This afternoon they had their first practice. It was the cutest thing ever! Their Sunday School teachers are the best and are working so hard with them. We have more practices before the actual performance, but I can't imagine them being much more adorable than they were today! 

Come back in a couple weeks to see the post about their Nativity play!

For the actual performance they have to dress up as princes and princesses, but today wasn't a dress rehearsal!

 Some weeks, their crazy gringa tías forget which Sunday is the church lunch. Other weeks they get confused on what time practice is supposed to start and have them there an hour early (well, 15 minutes late from the time we thought it was supposed to start... Hora boliviana and all...). Those days they get to play outside of our locked up church!

 Time to start... Places, everyone!

 Taking turns with their lines... Their acting is so cute!

 Walking to Bethlehem!

Several people asked me today how I take out four toddlers by myself... The answer is a lot of practice and a lot of patience! Love these 4! 

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Emily Jo Booher said...

Can't wait to see the play. You are the best!!