Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pedestrian Day Weekend: Day 3

Today is Pedestrian Day, so it's been a busy and very full day! As it was just a Pedestrian Day in Cochabamba (as opposed to being a national day), it only lasted from 9am-5pm. The nice thing was we were able to get to church (extra early) before transportation stopped, and then after a busy afternoon, we were able to get home easily as well! The kids are exhausted so I'd say the day was a success... I just put my girls to bed and R. was asleep less than 2 minutes after laying down. It took about 10 minutes for S. but she's now asleep too! Tomorrow morning the kids go back to the hogar... We've had a great weekend together so I'm not sure any of us will be looking forward to it!

Any time it seems overcast and chilly outside and I dress the kids in long sleeves or jackets, it warms up so much outside. Today it was overcast and kind of cool, and I dressed them like it would warm up... It did not but they didn't seem bothered by it a bit!

 We arrived to church an hour and a half early as we wanted to get there while there were still cars allowed out. There's a park right down the street so we let the kids burn off some energy until it was time for church!

 Look who learned how to pump herself on the swing!

 E. loved climbing up on top of the soccer goal... Getting down was a different story!

Whenever there is a Pedestrian Day, our church provides lunch for everyone. Today it was a very yummy silpancho! The girls were excited to eat!

E. loved his lunch too!

We clearly need to work on appropriate smiles for the camera!

After church, our friends invited us over to their house to spend the afternoon until there would be transportation again. They have a little girl who is the same age as our kids, and they had a great time playing with her! After playing for awhile at their house, we walked down the street to the park. Their neighborhood park is better than most I've seen and the kids had a lot of fun!

When we made it back home, we realized the Prado's Pedestrian Day activities were still in full swing so we drug our extra tired kids down the street to see what was going on. We gave in to letting them jump in the bounce house and they LOVED it!

A quick and easy dinner was all we were up for cooking... That and another Christmas movie was the perfect end to our weekend!

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