Sunday, March 1, 2015


Last night, several of us were invited to Tía Anita's daughter's quinceañera (15th birthday party). To be honest, I've skipped two other quinceañera parties since I've been in Bolivia because I really don't enjoy big parties like this. However, this party was much different than others and I'm so glad I went! 

From what I have been told, a typical quinceañera can be a pretty wild event involving a lot of dancing and alcohol. Tía Anita, being the good Christian that she is, did not want either of these things at her daughter's party. Keila's quinceañera was put on by many of their family's friends and it turned out really nice. There certainly were aspects of a typical quinceañera such as a "court" of young girls, dinner, lots of gifts, etc., but their Christian faith played a big part in it as well such as having a brief sermon from their church's pastor

Tía Anita asked Danyelle and I to help take pictures, so enjoy some of our best ones!

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