Friday, March 20, 2015

Bienvenida, A.!

I've been dying to receive some more little girls at the Baby House, and it seems that my wishes are finally coming true! Right as the kids were going to bed, the Defensoría knocked on the door with this three year old. It seems that she might be temporary (family reinsertion), and the lady who brought her said that there's a debate over what abuse or neglect was committed (or not committed). Even if she's only with us a short time, we're excited to get to know her! She cried a bit upon arrival but has been chatty and happy ever since. Depending on how she does night and tomorrow morning, she might get her first outing to Horita Feliz tomorrow afternoon!

I realized after taking her picture that it looks like her left foot is deformed/missing toes, but that's just how her foot was bent. Other than being filthy, her foot is just fine!

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