Monday, March 16, 2015

Adios, E.!

This afternoon, E.'s parents had their court hearing allowing them to take him home! They were SO excited and ready to have him home. 

We've enjoyed this past week getting to know them and watch them care for their new son. We have seen a lot of great adoptive parents but these two are at the top of the list. From the very first moment they met E., they have done everything possible to care for him. I know I haven't seen such hands-on parents from the beginning during visits in my time here. His dad has done several carpentry projects around the house, too. They have looked past some of his medical issues and seen him as a little boy who just needs love and a lot more attention. 

The change in him this week has been nothing short of amazing too! With us, he has always been pretty whiny and not very interactive. I think he knows how great he's got it and is no longer crying and is much happier, he plays with toys instead of just holding them or banging them on the floor, and he has started babbling. His parents have kept him outside most of the day and watching him play with them and try to walk with them and kick and throw balls has been so exciting! No matter how good the orphanage is, he's an example of a child who just wasn't thriving in this environment, but in only a week has done so well in a family. They've promised several times to bring him back for visits and we can't wait to see how much he continues to thrive with them!

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