Thursday, March 19, 2015

Feliz Día del Padre!

March 19th is Father's Day in Bolivia. Schools always have activities for the students and their fathers, so it can be a hard day for some of our kids. Several of us got together at the school to take part in the activities with our big kids. I got to go to pre-school with S. and K.! 

Last year, many classes danced and recited poems and other things. This year, a few kids recited poems and only three or four groups danced. The pre-school class asked the kids to dress up like their fathers (how cute do they look in their blazer and ties?! they also have on large shoes but you can't tell in the picture!) and they did a little dance and sang a song. Our two didn't seem to know the dance well but it was still cute. After they finished, we returned to their classroom and they sang a couple more songs and were much more into it then! 

We also had a very yummy chicken lunch! The plates are already overflowing with salad, potatoes, sweet potatoes, a fried banana, corn, and chicken and I was given two plates to each, one for each child. We barely made a dent in one plate (K. and S. are VERY slow eaters!) so luckily Ana Maria came in and helped us after she finished lunch in her class. 

I seem to be having bad luck with my camera this week (remember how the battery died right before celebrating Gabriel's birthday?) because I brought it along but realized that I left the memory card at home before the Father's Day celebration began. These pictures were all taken with my cell phone… Not bad pictures but not the best either!

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