Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños,S.!

Today we celebrated S.'s 3rd birthday! When he arrived back in November, we didn't have a name or birthday for him. About a week later we finally found out his name but it still took a couple months before we had a birthday. Everyone was sure that he was already three years old due to how mature he seemed. He was fully potty-trained, spoke well, and just behaved like he was older. We were shocked to learn that he was actually just two years old and wouldn't be three for another several months! 

We had several little boys turn three before him so now that their birthdays have passed, the countdown was on! He's watched several birthdays so he knew just what to do. He was excited to hear it was his special day and asked MANY times if he would get to eat cake. We lit the candle on the cake and rather than wait and let us sing to him, he immediately blew it out. Then we asked if he wanted to bite the cake and he quickly put his face into it! It was so funny to watch him!

Hope you enjoy some pictures of our party!

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