Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feliz Cumple, G.!

Today is G.'s first birthday! His "mother," Tía Silvia, is the cook at the Baby Home, so she had grand plans for the celebration. We both made the cake (it was SUCH a disaster!), and she cooked us a feast for lunch! G. refused to eat the hamburgers and mashed potatoes and made the funniest faces with the few bites that actually made it into his mouth. He was much happier to eat his usual soup. He did like the cake, however! Tía Silvia pushed Carmin's face into her cake at her birthday, so as she always tells me "revenge is sweet," and I did the same to G.! As you can tell he didn't mind one bit! 

I didn't realize my camera battery was so low and it died after just a few pictures. I charged it for about 5 minutes while we sang "Happy Birthday!" and had to use my phone camera. It charged just enough to let me get the last picture of his face covered in frosting!

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