Friday, March 13, 2015

Adios, F.!

Today we said goodbye (but it was really see you later!) to F.! She's earned quite the assortment of nicknames around here, so you may hear her called anything from Fabi, Habi/Habiana, Fabicha/Habicha, Cachi/Cachirula, and to most recently, Abby Cadabby! She rarely hears her real name. Her family is changing her name to Zoe but with the amount of other names she's called, it never quite caught on with us (if a family wants to change the child's name, we try to use that name as much as possible in the weeks leading up to the adoption). 

Her adoption story is a great one for sure! Her new family lives in La Paz but her mother travels to Cochabamba often for work. She is also friends with Rosa, Casa de Amor's administrator and social worker. A year ago, on a visit to the orphanage, she saw Fabi and immediately knew that she was meant to be her child. It wasn't long before she and her husband began the adoption process. They requested Fabi in their adoption paperwork but it can be hard to request children here so they weren't sure that it would be possible. They were prepared for it to be another little girl but were thrilled to find out that the judge accepted their request and Fabi was officially assigned to them! Every time they were in Cochabamba they came to visit her and she's always happy to see them and their little boy, her new big brother! They're such a great family; They're the type of family you hope every child will be adopted into!

They had their first court hearing last week but weren't allowed to take her home until today! A certain document was needed for her to have permission to leave Cochabamba and travel to La Paz but her mom was able to receive it today, and they flew home this evening. I would have LOVED to be at the La Paz airport when they arrived because their whole family has been anxiously awaiting Fabi's arrival!

They have another court hearing later this month so will have to come back to Cochabamba for that. We're excited to get to see her again so soon but are already anticipating her not sharing that excitement to see us… She was SO happy to leave with her mom!

As you can see from the pictures, she was much more into playing with her bag of crackers than she was into smiling for the camera! She was ready to head out on her first airplane ride… And by now she should already be home!

Chau Fabiana! Que Dios te bendiga siempre. Vamos a extrañarte pero estamos MUY felices por tu nueva vida con una FAMILIA!

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