Monday, March 23, 2015

#MarParaBolivia (Sea for Bolivia) Parade

For many years, Bolivia and Chile have disputed Bolivia's access to the ocean. It started when both countries gained independence and and continued during the War of the Pacific. During the war, Bolivia lost its coast to Chile and became land-locked. There have been negotiations throughout the years to give Bolivia access to the coast, but as of right now, they still do not have access. 

This morning, many schools got together for parades in Cochabamba. All of the celebrations were in support of Bolivia being given back their coast. At the school where our big kids attend, only the pre-school and kindergarten classes were participating in the parade. I was told about the parade a bit too late, and by the time L. and I finally arrived, the parade was over! We managed to find Tía Anita, S. (L.'s sister), and K. We bought the kids a snack and then let them play on the ride-on cars at the pharmacy down the street. I hated that we missed the actual parade, but L. was happy just to see his sister so it didn't matter to him at all!

*Update 3/27: Tía Rosa (CDA's Administrator/Social Worker) was at the parade to watch her own little girl and was able to take a few pictures of our CDA kids! She sent me the following two pictures:

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