Monday, March 9, 2015

E. meets his parents!

Today is the day SO many of us have been waiting for! Of course we want all of our kids to end up in families but some just need a family so much more. This little guy, E., is one of those babies. He arrived to Casa de Amor in March of last year after his mother tried to sell him. He was sick for a long time and in general requires much more attention than the other babies. 

His adoption paperwork was completed pretty recently, and I'll be the first to say that I said more than once I was worried that it would be hard to match him with a family due to his health issues (Bolivian families typically want young, healthy babies). He ended up being matched to a family really quickly! We got a call on Friday afternoon saying that his new parents had just left a court hearing for the adoption and wanted to meet him. We were THRILLED! Unfortunatley because it was already late in the day, they had to wait until this morning to come for their big meeting. 

They met with administration before meeting him, and kept saying "It doesn't matter what he has. We just want to meet him!" They don't have any other children and although young, they said they have waited a long time to be matched with a baby. They were both SO excited when he was brought upstairs! I wish I could say E. was as excited as they were but he was not. He was pretty unhappy but I think it was mostly because he was overwhelmed with so much one-on-one attention! They'll visit every day this week, and we're sure we'll see a big change in him as they all begin to bond. His parents don't have much experience in caring for children but have already been really hands-on in his care (his mom's first diaper change ever was a blow-out diaper he had right after lunch!). 

We don't yet know when they'll have their court hearing allowing them to take him home but we expect it to be relatively soon!

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