Saturday, September 19, 2015

Weekend with Kids: Day 1

This Sunday is Election Day in Bolivia. In the days leading up to the elections, big gatherings of people are prohibited, you may not buy alcohol, and on Election Day (Sunday), cars aren't allowed on the roads and everyone must walk to their polling place. Voting is required by everyone, and as a way to enforce it, after you vote, you are given a very important piece of paper that you must show at the bank every time you go for the following three months. If you don't have your paper, you can't use the bank... That's Bolivia for you! As all of the tías live far from the homes, it is hard for them to go vote and then get to work. They were given permission to take kids home for the weekend again (it just happened two weekends ago for Pedestrian Day!), so we have a full house again! Here are some picture of their first day and night with us...

Getting ready to leave the Baby Home! S. (left) is with me, and A. (right) is staying with Danyelle.

This poor girl doesn't know what to do in a house. If you give her a toy or leave her somewhere, she just sits and waits on you to come back. She doesn't really know how to play and will just hold toys. We've got some work to do!

That's not where I left you: Part 1... R. just lays so still at the Baby House and it's so funny to see the change in her when she's at my house. She CANNOT lay still! At one point last night, I found her half-way under the bed. Then this morning, I took a shower and left her happily playing on the couch cushion on my floor. When I came out of the bathroom to get S. to bathe her, I noticed R. was no longer on the cushion and assumed she started fussing and that Sarah came in and got her. After bathing S., I asked Sarah what she'd done with R. and she replied that she assumed she was asleep. I went back in my room and found her playing on the floor underneath my bed... She'd rolled off the cushion and hadn't made a sound!

Also not where I left you... 

All dressed up and ready to go to the Saturday market!

 I don't know what I'd do if I had boys... Girls are too much fun to dress!

 Attempting a picture of the "sisters"... I think it might take a bit more practice!

Naptime for R. and movie time for S... We've had to keep them busy so we could clean.

 You'd never see her so calm like this at the Baby House!

 We saw A. at Horita Feliz!

 Finally a smile!

Impromptu soccer game

I'm not sure what he was planning on doing with that pole!

Movie time before bed!

Not where Sarah left you! She said to let you know that she did put pants on him right after this picture... She wasn't actually trying to kill the child.

While the other kids were playing, Sarah and I both assumed that S. was playing with them but sitting behind the couch where we couldn't see her. It seemed eerily quiet though and when we looked over, we realized she'd fallen asleep on the floor! Apparently her preferred place, however, because after I took her to bed and laid her on the couch cushion, she's again made her way back to the floor!

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