Friday, September 4, 2015

A Day of Birthdays!

Today was a very important day for us as we had 3 birthdays to celebrate! We started off with Tía Rosa's birthday. Her birthday was yesterday, but we waited until this afternoon to celebrate. Gina made a peach cobbler and we celebrated at the baby house.

Then we went to visit baby Benjo for his 1st birthday! As expected, he is doing amazingly well with his family! He is so active and vocal now. It's always so fun to see kids after they've spent time in a family as there are always lots of changes. His personality is definitely coming out more each time we see him!

I can't leave this princess out of our birthday post... Although I didn't get to see her, Carmin turns 2 today so that's a big reason to celebrate! It's been a hard day... The pain of missing her never goes away but is especially hard on days like today. I'm hoping she had a great day too! :)

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