Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moving Day

The last month or so at CDA has been a bit crazy. We're going through a lot of big changes, and they've all come at once. It was recently decided that a good way to cut back on expenses was to cut down on the number of homes we have. We had three houses- one for babies, one for big girls and one for big boys. This past weekend, the boys and girls switched houses (easy enough as the houses are on the same street, about a block apart) and today, the babies moved in with the big girls. I hate for them to leave the Baby House... After living there for 2 years, I have so many great memories, but alas, the day came and they moved. 

We dropped the toddlers off after Angel's party and got to see how everyone was doing. It's a MESS. Seriously there is so much stuff every where. It's funny to see how Bolivians move houses compared to how Americans move. We pack every thing up in boxes and keep it organized and here they literally just throw it all in the car, clothes wrapped up in bed sheets and every thing else just piled wherever it fits to make the move. 

For now, the girls are thrilled to be living with the babies and claim that they will help care for them. I give it a few days before they start driving the tías crazy, but they were helpful tonight as the tías had so much organizing and cleaning to do. The poor babies are totally out of their element so it may be a long night for every one! We didn't stay long but I did get a few pictures... The big girls wanted to show off their new rooms!

 A.M. has no biological siblings but always says G. is her little brother. She is SO happy to be living with him!

You can't see the mess too much but it's there, I promise!

New rooms for the babies

 She said "Tía Hannah, you haven't seen my room yet!" I asked her what she was waiting for to show it to me and she immediately hopped up in her bed and said "Here it is!"

Copy-cat R. also wanted her picture taken in bed which set off a chain reaction that had me taking pictures of every one!

Oh, you're the first one asleep? I don't buy it!

Just kidding! Wide awake with no sleep in sight!

 Work it girl.

 "Take my picture!"

If you wet your pants, we may not be able to find you a change of underwear...

She knows how to smile after all!

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