Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Volunteer Night

This will be short and sweet because it's late and I'm ready to go to bed, but Sarah and I hosted our first volunteer night this evening so I wanted to blog about it... I didn't take many pictures, but the ones I did take prove that we did at least have a variety of food! It was a fun night of good conversations and just spending time together. We have a great group right now! 

Thank you for coming over, ladies! We can't wait until next time!

 The only group picture I got... I'll have to do better next time!

Sarah and I have found a yummy (and easy!) fried rice recipe so that's what we made for dinner!

 Gina brought over a peach cobbler...

 ...and Sarah made banoffee pie!

Dinner was clearly a group effort and Danyelle was in charge of drinks. She made virgin piña coladas for us!

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