Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Angel's birthday!

I know a certain person has been DYING all day at the thought of me seeing her hijo tonight and I might never hear the end of it if these pictures don't get posted before I go to bed... ;)

Back in September 2013, Carmin arrived and I became the one to care for her. For the entire rest of the month, Lindsey and I both suffered as she drove me crazy, begging me daily to let her help me with Carmin and we both prayed desperately for a boy to arrive for her. It was a LONG month for all of us! FINALLY, exactly a month after Carmin was born, Angel arrived to the hogar and we were thrilled! He was exactly the baby she'd dreamed of. He was a high maintenance baby to say the least, but love is blind and she thought he was perfect. We've always said his life has been a bit of a soap opera and anything that you could've thought of, happened. After his first adoption was disrupted, he was assigned the most wonderful mother who couldn't possibly love him more! We were so happy for both of them.

This past May he left with his mom and his adoption has recently been finalized. Today he turns 2 years old (according to paperwork... we aren't convinced it's really his birthday though), and we were invited to his party! His mom picked up the four oldest from the baby house and I met them there after work. Angel has gotten so big, but his little face still looks exactly the same! You can tell he's so happy with his family and they're all in love with him. Although his mom is Bolivian, she and most of their family live in Italy and he's already understanding quite a bit of Italian! He talks, runs and plays just like a big boy. He's obsessed with the Cars movie so that was the theme of his party. Even his shoes were Cars! He wanted no part of sitting still for pictures but I did get a few :)

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