Sunday, September 6, 2015

Día del Peatón Weekend

This weekend, all of the tías got permission to take kids home for the weekend. Sunday is Pedestrian Day which means they'd all be walking to work so they almost always ask to take kids home so no one has to come in. Of course we always get several kids too and it's so much fun! Sarah and I each kept a baby and a big kid so it was a full house for sure. We spent most of our weekend with Danyelle, Gina, and their 3 older ones and had a great time! I'm posting way too many pictures but enjoy :)

 Nothing like some before bedtime stretches!

This child can destroy an entire apartment in 2 seconds flat.

So cute!

This one HATES tummy time at the hogar but was so happy to play on her stomach with us... She's a weird one!

Need a babysitter? She's your girl.

Take a good look at their bangs in this picture...

My two girls!

We took up half the trufi!

A restaurant down the street from our house was giving away milkshake samples so our course everyone needed one!

 Obviously sitting down is how you take the elevator... S. got her first elevator ride with us and as soon as the door closed, her eyes got wide, she looked around and immediately sat down. Every time after that she stood up but had a death grip on the hand rail.

 Told you she's good!

 If was fun having C. back at our house!

B. helped us cook lunch.

"Tía Hannah, I'm taking a picture of you cooking. You can send it to your mom so she knows you know how." No one thinks I'm capable of cooking... Not even the children.

Saturday afternoon we got dressed up to go to baby Rocio's (Tía Rosi's daughter) baptism and 1st birthday party.

Rocio slept through the whole event!

Because all the kids were with the tías for the weekend, we got to see most of them at Rocio's birthday!

R. and her buddy Jadiel (Tía Yovana's son)

And then we had to make a quick stop down the street and visit Tía Nilda and her twins! Nilda always said R. was her daughter too which makes these three triplets!

For those who know J., can you hear this picture?!

Feliz cumpleaños Rocio!

 On the way home she kept saying "Oh I'm just so tired!" and was asleep almost the second her head hit the pillow!

Without fail, any time I see her she says "Can I play with the toys your mom sent me?!" She LOVES them!

 Such a model.

Hey girl hey.

Oh that's better!

Taking a quick lunch break from caring for the children. 

You know how I said to look at their bangs in that picture above... That was because later today we found a trail of hair on the floor of Danyelle's house. When questioned, we found at that C. and E. cut each other's hair. C.'s is much more noticeable that E.'s!
 The day we changed her name to Ruben... I forgot to bring a change of clothes for her and this was the only small outfit Danyelle had!

C. "cleaned" Danyelle's house for her. We're hiring him tomorrow.

 Sarah has the nerve to say that I'm mean to the children... Do you see how she put her hijito to sleep?!

 There's a park at Danyelle's house but of course this is the most fun thing to play on!

 D. trying to sneak chocolate chips with a little help from E... And Sarah wants to adopt these two for her future hijos!

Día del Peatón (Pedestrian Day) 

Unfortunately several weeks ago, S. received a horrific haircut. As soon as I heard I'd be getting her for the weekend, I decided that getting her hair re-cut would be the first thing we'd do together. Well, it didn't quite happen on Saturday and I was so hopeful that maybe one salon would be open today. I didn't even really care what they did to it. There's not much that would make it worse... But nothing was open so we turned around and went back home. On our walk back, she wanted to buy cotton candy to share with the other kids so they got a little treat when we arrived!

Tomorrow everyone goes back home bright and early! We're pretty tired but it's been fun having them here!

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