Thursday, September 3, 2015

Haircuts for our Boys

As I've mentioned before, my church here in Bolivia has been so incredibly welcoming to our kids! Once we walk in, there are always a few kids we don't see again until it's time to leave as they're scooped up by different families. I love that they've become such a part of this church! 

Helping the hogar has become an important topic in church as of late and a few weeks ago, the sermon was on how we as a church can support others through various ministries. One of the ministries is the "hogar de niños" (orphanage) ministry which I'm pretty sure was just made up... But several families have since come up to me and asked how they can get involved. A couple weeks ago, a family mentioned wanting to come cut our kids' hair. I was really up for that as they are all very overdue for haircuts and I just hadn't had the time to take them to the salon. This morning they came over and gave all of our boys at the baby house a haircut. They all look so handsome and so much older! 

Gracias Berenice y Boris por siempre estar presente en las vidas de nuestros niños! Decimos que se necesita una comunidad grande para criar a los niños y tenemos eso en la iglesia. Cuando hay una necesidad, sabemos que podemos contar con ustedes!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Que guapos están!!! Mil gracias a los que les han cortado. Yo se bien que tiene que ser valiente cortar el pelo de los hiperactivos chicos en el hogar!!!! ;)