Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A.'s Big Day, Part 2

You may remember this post back in January about A. meeting his adoptive parents or this one a few weeks later when he left with them. What I didn't blog about was when he was returned to us just a week and a half later. Although there had been some concerns during the visits with his adoptive parents, things seemed to improve and they assured us they were happy to adopt him when the time came for them to leave. At home, it seems that things really didn't improve and they decided to disrupt the adoption. As much as we hated to see it happen, we were happy to have him back with us and looked forward to him being reassigned to a new family.

We heard a few weeks ago that A. had been reassigned to an adoptive mom and that she would be coming soon to meet him. Days turned into weeks, and today she was finally granted permission to meet him! We met with her before she was allowed to meet him, and she was so excited! She said she's looked at his picture a hundred times a day and her whole family has anxiously been waiting for their first meeting. She then asked us if she couldn't just go ahead and take him home! A. is going to be absolutely spoiled rotten by her and all of his new family! Something tells me he won't mind a bit :)

She spent a little bit of time with him this morning before his nap and said she'll be back this afternoon. She must visit him for ten days before being given another court hearing that will give her permission to take him home. He warmed up to her almost immediately (not exactly how it went during the first go-round), and she told us that she is sure A. is meant to be her son… We think so too!

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