Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adios, N.!

When I arrived to Casa de Amor in May 2013, N. was just 9 months old. In the nearly two years that I've been here, she's the only one of the original baby home kids who I've lived with this entire time (siblings Samuel and Adriana were also here but lived with the Boohers for awhile before coming back to the Baby House). There are several kids who were here when I arrived who now live at House 2, but she's the only one who has stayed at the Baby Home. 

Behavior-wise, she's also been one of the most difficult kids for me to handle, too. She LOVES to go out with me but struggles a lot while out. Outings are usually just too much for her to handle. She can be doing well but after about two hours, it becomes too hard and she falls apart. There have been so many times I've taken her out and she's had one of her classic tantrums and when we returned home I vowed never to take her out again. Then, inevitably, a few days later she sees me leaving the house, begs to go along, and I let her go with me. There's just something about her that makes me want to try again and again and again with her until outings become bearable for us. She's definitely been my little project when it comes to teaching the kids how to behave in public! When I think back on my time here with her, I always think of what it's been like to take her out, and overall how much progress she really has made in being comfortable with new experiences and new people. 

N. is the perfect example of a child who so badly needs a family. She demands much more attention than we usually can give her, and as you have probably guessed by now, she is very much a drama queen! When we heard she had been assigned a family, so many people commented on how different the house will be without her… and it will be. Her mom has come every day for the past week to get to know her and seeing how well she's done in such a short time (especially the past couple days!) proves what we all expected- she's going to make a great daughter! N. left with her mom this afternoon, and we already miss her. The kids have also noticed her absence and have asked for her several times. We're all looking forward to seeing her when they come back for another court hearing in a month!

Najy… Te vamos a extrañar muchisimo! Extraño tus abrazos tan fuertes y yo creo que en el futuro voy a extrañar tus gritos también… Por ahora me gusta la tranquilidad de la casa ;) La diferencia aquí sin tí es grande… Venga a visitarnos pronto!

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