Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Felicidades, Tía Yovana!

Tía Yovana has been on maternity leave for the past month (in Bolivia, maternity leave is 45 days before the birth and another 45 days after), and three weeks ago, she gave birth to her little BOY. For those of you who know her, you know that she had been told the baby was a girl so it was quite a surprise for everyone! She always referred to the baby as "la gota" ("the drop") but when I saw her today she laughed and said she now says "el goto."

We all put in money for a baby gift, so this morning I went by Yovana's house to drop it off and meet her baby! Baby Jadiel is doing great and just too sweet! I think his poor parents didn't quite know what to do with him when he was born (although between them they already have 3 sons) as they were completely in the mindset of finally having their much-wanted daughter, but all are very in love with him now! She says he's been an easy baby and her niece (the little girl in the picture) says that her new cousin "just sleeps all the time!" 

I'd been told he was a big baby, and it's true! He is much bigger and way more alert than most 3 week olds. Just look at that face… He looks much older than only three weeks!

Yovana is hoping to bring him for a visit sometime soon. The other tías can't wait to meet him!

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