Friday, April 17, 2015

Busy Day!

Some weeks here are super busy, and this week was one of those weeks. So many little things have happened each day so I thought I'd share what we did today!

 Today is Tía Claudia's birthday! She really doesn't care much for sweet things so rather than make a cake, I bought salteñas and we had a "salteña cake" for breakfast. 

Right after breakfast was finished, Rudi, Myles, and Emily Booher came over to visit the babies. I mentioned that S. and Baby A. both needed haircuts and Rudi offered to take us back to their house so Carla could cut their hair. 

 Getting bathes after haircuts!

After dinner, Shana, N.'s new mom, and I took the oldest kids to play with their motos in the park. The mosquitos were awful once the sun went down but the kids had such a great time! We've never taken the motos with us but it was a nice change from playing on the playground!

 A. chose to take this bike but we didn't realize until after we'd left the house that it really doesn't work so well. She didn't give up attempting to steer even though it was super hard for her!

 S. playing on his moto.

Watch out for N.! She liked crashing into the other kids.

L. on his moto.

D. liked riding on this little push car.

So there you have it… a busy Friday!

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