Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to the Baby Home!

During lunch, we were surprised with a new arrival! All that we know is that he was abandoned. As of right now, he is without a name and birthdate. We were told he is 2-3 weeks old, but as he still has his umbilical cord stump, we are guesstimating him to be under a week old. We think he's probably 3-4 days old as he is also very skinny (maybe an indication that he wasn't being fed well), but we really don't know. 

He's a cute little thing though, and we're happy he's here!

 We mistakenly thought he was a girl when he arrived. After all, with that pink blanket and baby girl outfit, it wouldn't be hard to do!

 Taking a peek at his newest surroundings!

Tía Silvia immediately claimed the new baby as a younger sibling for "her" baby, Baby G. (left). He was pretty happy about the new addition, as well! However, it didn't last long, as she quickly decided she just wants one son for now!

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