Sunday, September 7, 2014

Día del Peatón (Pedestrian Day)

A couple times a year, Bolivia hosts "Pedestrian Day." On this day, cars are not allowed on the roads, and everyone walks, bikes, or kids ride their "motos" (toy cars) everywhere. It's really a fun day to get out of the house and walk down the big, main roads where you'd never dream of walking on a regular day.

Normally, the tías like to ask permission to take the babies to their houses for the weekend because they have to walk to and from work if they don't stay home. We tried to plan a weekend where no one comes in, but it didn't quite work out so the day was pretty normal for us at the baby home. The tías planned a big park outing for the babies, but from what I heard, it didn't quite happen. I left about 10:30am with Baby C. and went out most of the day… We went exploring and it was pretty fun!

 We took a stroller out of the deposito (big storage closet) for our outing… It was Baby C.'s first time in a stroller and she loved it!

 This is the main street of the downtown area… So many people were walking there!

 We stopped at the post office for a water break!

 Then we walked to La Cancha and bought Baby C. some new shoes!

And last but not least, we stopped at the women's jail to visit Michel and her mom on our way home! We thought we might be sleeping there that night as they weren't letting the visitors leave… Still not sure what was up with that, but after 2 hours, they finally opened the doors to let us out!

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