Friday, September 5, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños, Baby F.!

Today we celebrated Baby F.'s (or "Habi" as we affectionately call her) 1st birthday! Her birthday is actually August 26th, but we celebrated a bit late with a party. Tía Carla, CDA's psychologist, has a special bond with her and wanted to plan her party.

You might remember a recent post about V. who was just returned to her mother… Well, V.'s mom works as a clown for birthday parties, so she can back to work at Baby F.'s party! She led lots of singing and dancing and party games. She is also very talented at making different animals and shapes with balloons, so she added to Baby C.'s birthday party decorations from the day before. As you can see from the pictures, Baby F. had TWO birthday cakes and she took a big "bite" out of one of them!

The kids had a lot of fun at Baby F.'s party, and I think they might be disappointed to hear we won't be having another party tomorrow for Eduardo's birthday!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Those clothespins in the hair are something I haven't seen before...What's the story on those? Looks like a fun day!!