Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Princess Turns 1! Part 3

The last of the pictures :)

 Tía Yovana and Baby C.

 Tía Carla and Baby F… F.'s 1st birthday was at the end of August, but Carla has planned her birthday party for tomorrow!

 Baby D. enjoyed eating the blue bubblegum flavored jello!

 Tía Maria led the kids in some dancing.

 A.M. dancing with V.

 O. and I!

 Lindsey and I with our babies :)

 A.M. dancing with Baby C.

 Evelyn's daughter, Amy, is too cute! Her 1st birthday is in a couple of weeks… September is a popular month for us with 1st birthdays!

 Time for the piñata!

 Baby C. loved seeing everything fall out of the piñata!

 3 hours of partying can wear a girl out!

 Tía Mary and Baby C.

 Mary, Lucy, Baby C., me, Yovana, and Nilda… some of our favorite tías!

 Just to give you a little perspective on how big that piñata really was!

 S. eating some jello… his prize from the piñata!

 N. showing off her "dulce" (candy)!

 Tía Silvia refused to pose for a picture… after days of saying she wasn't going to cook for everyone at the party, she finally came to her senses and cooked us a delicious feast ;)

 R. and L. enjoying some candy!

 M. LOVED the marshmallows… That's definitely a food these kids don't eat very often!

 Sarah surrounded by babies!

 But this baby might just be her favorite ;)

Tía Claudia brought her niece to the party… She was all decked out in her best dress!

Well, this concludes Baby C.'s big birthday post! We wish you could've joined us at her party!

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