Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Princess Turns 1! Part 2

I said in my "Part 1" post of Baby C.'s birthday that I would split it into two posts… with the hundreds of pictures taken, I think it'll be 3 posts :)

The tías knew I was planning a party for her, but they didn't really know what I was planning. When I was preparing the food the day before, they laughed about it and I think thought it was totally over the top. However, during the party, every single tía mentioned how cute it turned out! I agree that it was over the top, but as I told the tías, this might be the only birthday I ever plan for Baby C. so it had to be big to make up for the ones I won't plan. She's the closest person I have to family here so I couldn't let this day pass with just a birthday cake and no party!

I have stressed about this party for over a month, and I may be biased, but I think it turned out so great. It was definitely worth the stress of planning it!

Hope you enjoy seeing pictures from Baby C.'s Princess Party!

 So excited for her party!

 A before-the-party picture with her castle... The castle was definitely my favorite decoration!

 Baby C.'s family is trying to get her back (mainly her aunt), and her aunt has been granted visits. She was allowed to visit that morning and helped cook, but she wasn't able to stay for the party… So glad we got this picture before she left!

 Piñata and goodie bags!

 Belle's French Bread

 Cinderella's Mice's Cheese

 Ariel's Under the Sea Jello

 Sleeping Beauty's Pillows

Snow White's Poisonous Apples

 Group picture before the party began… I estimated 50 guests, but I'm not sure how many were actually there. Other than the baby home kids, Tía Adelaida brought Edson and Kliber from House 2, Tía Serafina and Tía Anita brought Ana Maria, Shyrlen, Saret and Oriana from House 3, Tía Luz came over later with Jhosi also from House 3, Rachel brought Gabriela (formerly Samira when she was at CDA), and Tías Claudia, Yovana, Sarin and Silvia came with their kids as well. It was quite a group and SO much fun!

 Rachel and Gabi

 Singing "Happy Birthday!" and "Cumpleaños Feliz!"

 Baby C. and I with her cake… As soon as it was set down on the table, she stuck her hand right into the side.

 Blowing out the candle!

 They wanted her to bite the cake!

 Any guesses on who pushed her face into it?!

 If you guessed this crazy tía, you are correct!

 Mamá S. and one of her favorite little charges!

 A.M. had a great time!

 Adrian is Tía Silvia's son… She brought him to work for the day so he could come to the party!

 We have physical therapy students come a few times a week to work with the kids, and they worked really hard today ;)

 He didn't mind that every thing was princess themed!

 This is the best picture I got of V… She did NOT want to smile!

 M. sat at a table with the big girls :)

 Tía Maria and her "son" Baby E.

 L. loved all the snacks!

 Tía Adelaida and E. enjoying some cake!

 S. showing off her ring (they were the napkin rings)!

 Princess O. eating cake.

 Tía Lucy and Tía Rosa helped so much during the party!

 The real queen of our castle :)

 One more picture in front of the castle… This time dressed in much more party-appropriate attire :)

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