Saturday, September 6, 2014

Adios, Tía Lindsey!

Lindsey, my roommate at the Baby Home, has been here a year. We've been roommates nearly all of that time and have shared many experiences here together. Our favorite experience being, of course, caring for "our" newborns (Baby C. for me and Baby A. for her). As our newborns are no longer newborns, it has just gotten more fun to watch them grow and develop! 

Lindsey left on Thursday afternoon, so I thought I'd pay a tribute to some of her finest mothering moments through these pictures. Lindsey was certainly never known for her tender, loving ways with Baby A. (although let's face it, he was just as in love with her as she was with him), and these pictures might just show you why ;)

We miss you Lindsey, but Baby A. might miss you more as he doesn't have anyone to give in to his wild desires anymore! We hope you come back to visit us soon!

 She claimed that Baby A. was her "circus baby" and always held him in odd positions and swung him around… He couldn't get enough of it!

 However, in his first few months of life, he was always swaddled so tightly he could barely move!

 One time we took some of the kids to the park, and she nearly stripped him naked. I know what you're thinking right now… WAS SHE TRYING TO KILL HIM?! Not only is he not in a million layers, but also he is naked.

 She gave him a popcicle for his first food… But I can't say much about that because I did the same for Baby C.

 She often threw him in the air… She called it "flying"!

 She let big babies babysit her little baby.

 She left him in my care when she went back to the States for a visit. Baby A. is known for his blowout diapers, and since all I carry around are girl clothes when I'm out in public, that's what little Angela got to wear too when he blew out a diaper at the doctors office!

 But really, he couldn't have cared less about wearing Baby C.'s onesie as he's been wearing girl clothes since he was merely days old. I'd just like to point out, I didn't choose that outfit… Although it's very cute, Lindsey did actually put it on him.

 She offered him as a sacrifice to the gods when he was days old as well.

 In this picture, he was probably participating in what Lindsey referred to as "naked wiggle time." As the name suggests, she let him wiggle around without any clothes on.

 At one point, the tías staged an intervention and took Baby A. away from Lindsey. Tía Lucy grabbed him out of our room and ran upstairs and hid in a closet with him.

 Intervention #2… He was put upstairs in the office. Lindsey couldn't find him and left him here all alone ;)

 When he was tiny and screamed, his whole body would sweat. She used to use his sweat to spike up his hair.

 We thought Baby A. (or "Dwarf Baby" as we affectionately referred to him) looked so funny swaddled up like this. The tías didn't find it so funny!

 When Lindsey, the queen of aguayos, brought nothing to hold her baby in when we went out to eat, she just let him hang out on the table.

 There's a reason we don't take our fashion tips from Baby A. This lovely vest was on a stuffed snake in the playroom before it was put on him.

 Just a little baby gymnastics to start your morning off right!

 In the middle of the table is always the safest place to leave your non-mobile baby… After all, Baby A. was how many months old when he finally learned to roll over?!

 The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

When there are no seats left in the dining room, where do you put your baby to feed him dinner? If you're Mamá Lindsey, you just sit him any where you can find and hold him up with your feet!

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