Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Princess Turns 1! Part 1

I really can't believe Baby C. turns a year old today! I still think of her as a baby, but she really is not a baby anymore! 

I've been planning her party for at least a month and was nervous about how it would turn out. We generally don't have parties for the kids and instead, just eat cake. I'd been buying all of the party supplies little by little, and last night, Lindsey and I nearly pulled an all-nighter getting everything ready… It turned out to be SO worth it! I have to say, the party was great! 

I have tons of pictures, so I'm going to split this post into two posts… Here are some pictures ofthe party preparations the night before and Baby C. opening her gifts!

 The night before the party, Danyelle, Lindsey and I blew up about 150 balloons!

 12am on September 4th… officially her birthday!

 Baby C.'s castle cake! I didn't love the towers, but after covering them in frosting and sprinkles, it was too late to do anything else.

 Decorations in progress!

 The life-sized castle turned out so cute! The pictures start at 2 days old when she arrived and have one per month up to 11 months.

 In the morning, Tía Claudia made balloon flowers out of the extra balloons to hang on the wall.

 Time to open up her presents! 

 Doesn't every one open up their gifts using their teeth?!

 Starting her out early ;) It's a pair of earrings!

 What's in this one?

 Almost opened!

Finger puppets!

 Now time for Aunt Hil's card! We can't wait to read her rap!

Another Aunt Hil original rap… WE LOVE IT!

Evelyn is our social worker, and she brought her little girl Amy. Amy's 1st birthday is in just a couple of weeks! They brought Baby C. this very fancily wrapped gift!

What could it be?
It's a photo album!

She also received gifts from Gabriela (formerly Samira or "Baby S." as she was known on the blog before she was adopted) and Tía Sarin, but I didn't get pictures of her with those… Just know that she was very thankful for her new pajamas, clips and headbands, book, and cup/plate/spoon set!

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