Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lots of Pictures!

 For those of you (Savannah and Emily, I'm talking to you!) waiting for pictures of Tía Rosi's baby, Rosio, here she is! Looks just like Jasmin (look at those eyes!) and so cute!

 S. was bothering N. and his little sister, A., so they decided the best way to stop it would be to sit on top of him!

 How many girls does it take to bathe a baby?!

 I don't know what it is about hats with ears, but they're my favorite! Also, our little nameless baby finally has a name! I can't post it here, but it starts with a "B."

 Baby C. teaching R. what to do for the camera!

 At the movie theater :)

Dora la Exploradora!

 How lucky is the newborn to have all of these babysitters?!

This really has nothing to do with the kids, but Danyelle, Lindsey, and I went out for Mexican food one night! Just as we'd hoped, it was delicious! …And not delicious in that been in Bolivia too long and haven't had Mexican food in months way but actually delicious!

 J.'s school participated in an event celebrating people with disabilities. Here she is waiting for it to begin!

Tía Silvia thought her baby looked like a model in his little blue jeans and then found these shoes to add to his outfit!
 Sarah with her favorite cuddly babies!

Who is finally feeling better and in a much happier mood? This baby!!!!

Baby A. sporting his mohawk!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Emily says thank you for the picture of Rosio and that she is adorable; which is no surprise, of course!!
Thanks for all the pictures. Can't wait to see you all soooon!!