Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Glamorous Life

Most of the pictures I post are of all of the fun things we do with the kids… Things like playtime at home or trips to the park. However, I don't usually post pictures of all of the "behind the scenes" types of chores that happen every day. Chores such as hand-washing cloth diapers, general upkeep of the house, cooking for a small army, and the constant laundry aren't always the most fun but must be done to keep our day-to-day life running smoothly. 

Today we had a different kind of chore, and it wasn't such a fun one either. While at church, I noticed that S., our new 3 year old, had what looked like a bug in her hair. I'm sure you know what's coming next, but upon further inspection, I found lice… or "piojos" as we call them here! Fortunately, we don't get lice too much at the baby home, but with the recent arrivals of several new kids, it was kind of inevitable. So rather than stay out for a bit after church, we decided to come straight home to start the de-licing process! Fun stuff, I can assure you. Hopefully we removed all of the eggs, but we get to do the whole treatment again next week as another precaution. 

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AnnaMagee said...

Yep. I remember these days well. =) The girls had it off-and-on the entire 5 months I was there... and then J.M. brought it to the baby home when she arrived. I once spent 2 hours de-licing her. It took me so long that she actually fell asleep during the process. haha I got it my last month in Bolivia and couldn't get rid of it until I got back to the States. The Tias told me that I should claim the piojos on my customs sheet. ;)