Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back in Cochabamba!

I made it back to Cochabamba at about 9am yesterday morning, and these first two days have already flown by! Lindsey (baby home volunteer and my roommate) and her baby A., Baby C., and Tía Luz (girls' house tía who drives the trufi) came to the airport to pick me up. I didn't expect to see Tía Luz, so that was a fun surprise! I wish I could say Baby C. was thrilled to see me (as I was to see her!), but she was tired and not so happy. We'll go along with Tía Silvia's idea that she was crying because she was so emotional over the fact that her mother finally returned!

We went straight to the baby house where I ended up staying the rest of the day. It was so much fun being back with the tías, reuniting with some of our "old" kids, and meeting all the newbies! With several adoptions and then the arrival of new babies/kids, it almost feels like a different place! 

Today (Saturday) was just as fun! The other group of baby home tías worked today, and I was really excited to see them. Lindsey leaves on Tuesday, so we had a kind of ice cream/farewell/volunteer social for her this afternoon. Then I had a chance to go to the girls' house! One of my favorite baby home tías, Tía Rosi, is now working at the girls' house, and as sad as I am for her to not be at our house anymore, it's going to make going over to the girls' house even more fun! Two of the girls, A.M. and O., came over to the baby home yesterday for a couple hours so I'd already seen them, but it sure was great to see all of the other girls, too! I ended up staying way longer than planned, but we were having too much fun for me to leave!

Baby C. has grown so much in the 6 weeks I've been gone! She's gained almost 3 pounds and she's at least a few inches taller. Her sweet face still looks the same though!

Baby C. and Baby A. (Lindsey's baby)… Although C. is a lot bigger than she was when I left, she still looks the same. Baby A. is a lot bigger and looks like a completely different baby!

One of the newbies, S.! I asked her to smile and then said "show me some teeth!" She really followed that last part! She and her 10 month old brother were brought to us just a few days ago. She's very smart and talkative, and we know she's really missing her family. It's looking like they'll stay for 3-4 months, and we're happy they're here for now!

 1.5 year old V. came the week I left. She was pretty somber and was having a rough transition when I left, but she's much happier now!

Love O.'s cheesy smile!

Love love love Tía Silvia! She made a very yummy chicken lunch yesterday (in my honor, I'm told!), and then threatened to put more eggs and flour in my hair as a "Welcome home!" gift to me. She said that this time she'd also soak me with the water hose outside when I wasn't expecting it. So far, she hasn't followed through with this threat, but I wouldn't put it past her!

O. used to talk about "her E." ALL THE TIME. She's not as obsessed with him as she used to be, but it's still fun to watch them when they are together. 

Another newbie! C. (or maybe K.?) came right around Christmas after she was taken from her mother. She seems to have settled in well. Unlike most Bolivians, she knew just what to do when the camera was pointed at her!

 V. is now eleven months old and crawling! I affectionately referred to her as the "Baby Blob" for the longest time because wherever you sat her down was where she stayed. We just couldn't figure out how to motivate her to try to crawl or even move for that matter! She crawled over to me this morning, and I had to do a double take to see if it was actually her!

My other baby, M.! I wasn't sure how she'd react to me coming back, but she was much happier about it than Baby C. was! I'd been told she had found a replacement for me (one of the other tías) while I was gone, but this afternoon, she kept calling me "Mamá." One of the tías asked her who her real mama is, and she immediately looked at me and said "Mamá!" It was too cute!

Kaley, Baby C. and I at Globos!

Linnea, Lindsey, and Baby A. are on the left side. Johanna, Baby C. and I are on the right. Kaley was taking the picture.

 Outfit change #6 (out of 7 today)… Although I'd like to think it's because she just loves all of her new clothes and wants to try them all on, it's really because she hasn't been feeling so well. While eating ice cream, she also decided that one outfit change for me today just wasn't going to cut it. I was puked and pooped on in a matter of about 5 minutes. I think she was punishing me for leaving her!

"Tía Hannah, I'm just going to wear your shoes the rest of the day!" Also, how do you like that "pintaboca" (lipstick) all over her face and shirt?! 

Looks like A.M. also had a bit of fun with the lipstick!

The girls LOVE practicing piano! 

C. arrived to the girls' house right before I left. We really didn't have a chance to get to know each other, but as soon as I walked through the door at the girls' house, she came over to hug me and said "We missed you sooooo much!"  She couldn't remember my name for the rest of the afternoon though, so I'm not sure I made too much of an impression on her!

I think she thought if she was reading, she could get out of doing her chores. It didn't work!

Every item of clothing C. folded, J. promptly unfolded it. If you know J., I'm sure you wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that! 

Mamá S. is at it again! I don't know how many times I heard, "Did you know that if I just do …, the baby will stop crying?!" 

Tía Yovana, Tía Nilda, and I! My 2014 resolution is to get the tías to smile willingly when we take pictures! I'm not sure how successful I'll be...

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