Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, L.!

Get ready for lots of pictures in this post!

The Baby Home received several new kids while I was home. It's been fun getting to know the kids, but I feel a little out of the loop when it comes to really knowing about them. Personally, I like knowing why they came to us and other information about them. That includes birthdays. Birthdays are a bit bigger of an occasion at Casa 2 and Casa 3 than they are at the Baby Home. We do, however, like to recognize the day and have cake!

Last night, I was upstairs in the office, reading the files of our new siblings, S. and L. I happened to glance at L.'s birthday and realized it was today, January 26th! I do not really keep up with dates here, and I had this horrible feeling that it was that day. After a quick check on the calendar I realized it was actually the next day. I had been told he was 10 months old, so I was expecting us to be celebrating in February/March… Not so! After a quick run the grocery store, a cake was made and we celebrated this afternoon!

We didn't have a "Birthday Boy" bib… He didn't seem to mind though!

Happy to see a cake as big as he is! 

He wasn't quite getting the hang of blowing out the candle! 

He didn't follow Bolivian tradition and bite the cake… Instead, we just gave him a piece to eat on his own!

K. and S. (big sister)… S. eats very slowly but she wolfed down her cake (and wanted seconds) in record time!

N. was a big fan of our blue cake!

He wouldn't even look up for a picture! 

Cake might just be E.'s favorite thing in the entire world! 

I don't know how many times she requested "Más!" ("More!") 

I think V. wasn't so sure what to think when she saw that the actual cake was blue, too!

After trying some cake, V. is super excited to celebrate her 1st birthday next month! 

The girl who normally HATES anything sweet couldn't get enough of the cake either. Go figure!

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