Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sleepover at Casa 2

This week, the tías from the boys' and girls' homes have taken the big kids to their homes for the week. Volunteers are also keeping kids and staying in the homes so they won't be empty. Last night, Linnea kept six-year-old B. at Casa 2 (boys' house), so I brought 3 more from the baby home and stayed there with her. My girls really enjoyed their night away from home, and I think B. enjoyed the company!

Although we all ate dinner at the baby home before leaving, we were still a little bit hungry. Luckily, there was some pizza waiting for us at Casa 2… Just a little before bedtime snack!

B. was watching Winnie-the-Pooh and was so kind to let us join him! 

I've never seen her smile like she did when the kittens were around! We weren't too happy about them sneaking in through a window in our bedroom, but she was thrilled!

All of the boys LOVE the kittens!

 She didn't think going to bed sounded like such a good idea!

Some of the tías have started calling her "Draculita" ("Little Dracula") because of her fangs! I think she's too cute! 

And she's out!

She refused to put on pajamas and insisted on sleeping in her dress. It was a battle I wasn't going to fight! 

Breakfast was strawberry yogurt with bananas and a little chocolate cereal added in… All three seem to have a big sweet tooth! 

Rocking the faux-hawk while I cleaned the kitchen! 

It wasn't all fun and games!  

S. saying goodbye to the kittens!

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Lauren D said...

Hey Hannah!

Thanks so much for all the great blog posts you do! I love seeing all the kids and what you guys are doing down there. I miss it all so much. :)