Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Day in the Life

No two days are ever the same here which always keeps things interesting! I realized that I took quite a few pictures today, so I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what I did today!

My day started out at 6am when she decided to wake up. She never did go back to sleep and entertained herself by talking and playing with our mosquito net… which meant that I never went back to sleep either! Also, can I just point out how she's basically a big girl now?! She holds her own bottle!

Tía Serafina and I took Baby A. and Baby C. to the doctor for hip x-rays. Not surprisingly, both peed on the table in the middle of the x-rays. Other than that little mishap, everything (as expected) was great!

When we made it back home, we enjoyed a little playtime outside! 

The swings are everyone's favorite! 

 So happy to see a smile on her sweet face! She was having so much fun riding this tricycle around the house!

Her little brother has been happier, too!

Unfortunately, M. didn't have one of the preferred motos but he made the best of it with his little car!

I've said it before, but the tías love the motos as much as the kids love them… but possibly a bit more!

Although she's a bit more of a defensive driver than the others, she got into a few wrecks on her moto!  

Los pequeños enjoying the beautiful weather… There's a reason they call Cochabamba the "City of Eternal Spring"!

It's exhausting being hugged and kissed and loved on all day long by all of your adoring fans… She should know!

Right before lunch, we said goodbye to F.! She moved into Casa 4 with the Booher family. I know she's going to make AMAZING progress with them! Her two "mommies" (Tía Ely and Tía Nilda) were very sad to see her go though! 

We switched things up a bit and had a picnic lunch outside! Well, if you can call sitting in your high-chair outside a picnic!

After dinner, it was play-time upstairs until bed-time! Please ignore their crazy hair… :)

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