Monday, April 28, 2014

Volunteer Night

Tonight we had a get-together with all of the volunteers at Jennifer and Jake's house. We always talk about having more of these volunteer nights, but with so many different schedules to coordinate, it can be hard. Linnea will be leaving on Wednesday morning, so we made sure to have one last volunteer night with her.

There's a restaurant just down the street from their house that we've been wanting to try (well, some of us have been wanting to try… others have already been there), so we picked up food and headed over. It's always so fun to just hang out with everyone. We ate, talked, played Dutch Blitz (I'd never played before coming to Bolivia, but I've played it many times here), and just enjoyed each other's company. Lindsey, Linnea, and I all brought "our" babies, so with Sophia (Jennifer and Jake's baby), we had four babies ages 6.5-almost 8 months. They all behaved very well, and Sophia was so kind to share her toys!

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