Monday, April 14, 2014

Día del Nino Party

This past Saturday was "Día del Niño" ("Children's Day), and it's a pretty big deal here. All of the schools have celebrations, and on Saturday, many families go to the park and just spend time together. We had wanted to take our baby home kids to the park, but they're just too crowded already for our big crowd. 

Instead, we got to celebrate this afternoon with the kids' dentist. Tía Lucy and I took a group of our big kids from the baby house, Tía Rosi brought the 3 big girls from House 3 who weren't in school, and Tía Sarin and Tía Serafina also came with the 5 boys from House 2. They danced, ate too many sweets (cake, jello, candy, soda), had a piñata and just played! They had so much fun and we're so thankful for people who celebrate with us!

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