Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter~ Church and Lunch

I have been looking forward to Easter at the baby home for awhile now, and it's finally here! From what I've seen, Bolivians don't celebrate Easter the way we do in the US. I've really heard very little about it, and when I asked the tías how we were going to celebrate, the first thing they always said was "When is Easter?" It seemed that we didn't really have any plans which is completely unacceptable! 

So… Lindsey and I took the 4 oldest kids and our 2 babies to church with us. We managed to get the dressed early and quickly which gave us 30 minutes to walk to the park across the street for some Easter pictures! They looked TOO CUTE! Thank you to Savannah (former CDA volunteer) for leaving some precious smocked dresses in the deposito! Lindsey isn't a huge fan of smocked dresses, but I insisted Saret and Raquel wear them and even she agreed how adorable our little group looked.

After church, we took the kids out for pizza. They loved it and all but Saret requested more! The restaurant we went to had a play set inside which automatically makes it a restaurant we'll take the kids to in the future. It's so nice when the kids can burn off some energy while waiting on the food.

After lunch, it was back home for a quick nap before our Easter egg hunt and Egg dyeing… Check back later for a post on that!

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