Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Pictures

It's time for church and lunch pictures again! This week, we took the three oldest from the baby home, Baby C., and Baby A. to church. Linnea came along with Baby D. and three of the boys from Casa 2. After lunch, we went out for pizza again. We normally don't eat the same food two Sundays in a row (to give ourselves a break from the food we usually eat at the homes and to allow the kids to try a variety of foods… again, because we eat a lot of the same foods at home and they're not used to trying new things), but after Elias' birthday party, we've been wanting to try the Italian restaurant that catered the pizza for his party. We had big plans to try this restaurant last week but couldn't find it! Turns out, we just hadn't driven far enough (we turned around at the street right before the restaurant as it seemed too far away from where we thought it was). I just happened to pass the restaurant one day this week in a trufi and couldn't believe how close we'd gotten to it without finding it… So, we decided to go there this Sunday, too! 

The older boys were SO excited to see Jennifer and Jake's boys (Jenn is director of CDA and she and her husband adopted 3 older boys who lived at Casa 2) at church that we decided to all go out to lunch together. We had a group of 20, and when we walked in, the waiters didn't look too thrilled to see us… We did have 13 children with us after all! They shuffled us to a back room and put together a table for us. I think our group surprised them because our kids did GREAT! Seriously, they were so well behaved. Everyone sat quietly in their seats and ate all of their food. There was no running around, screaming, being disruptive, etc. I was so proud of our baby home kids! We've been taking them out to eat on Sundays after church as a treat, and their table manners have improved a lot. We've been working hard on teaching them appropriate behavior while out in public, and it shows! It's nice to be able to go out to a nice restaurant and know that our kids will be able to handle it. 

The food was delicious, and everyone had a great time! It was definitely a long morning for our kids (they missed half of naptime while we were out), but everyone had fun. Our kids came home and crashed!

S. was unhappy that she wasn't the one holding Baby C. for the picture… 

 Baby C. and I waiting on our food

 "Tía Hannah, what's this drink? I want to drink this one!" Sorry S., but I refuse to buy you a glass of wine!

Notice the outfit change?! She decided to explode her diaper all over her dress as we were literally walking out the door! 

Just in case you had any doubts about who the cutest baby in the world is… :) 

Baby A. drinking some milk 

Baby D. also spent our lunch hanging out on the floor

Trying to kiss her friend or pull or her hair? We'll never know!

 Hi Sophia!

Some of our big group eating yummy pizza!

Naptime for the youngest members of our group!

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