Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter~ Candy Hunt and Dyeing Eggs

After naptime and dinner, we had an Easter egg hunt for the kids! Well, it wasn't exactly an egg hunt as we couldn't find any plastic eggs. Instead, we bought chocolate eggs and chewy candies for the kids to hunt. They LOVED it! We thought about separating it by ages but ended up hiding everything in the front yard. We (volunteers and tías) helped the babies hunt the easy-to-find candy, and the older kids looked for candy on their own.

She chose not to listen when we arrived home from church and therefore lost her candy-hunting privileges… It was no fun watching everyone else hunt and then eat chocolate!

After our candy hunt, the babies went upstairs with the tías, and the oldest four stayed outside to dye Easter eggs. This isn't a Bolivian tradition for Easter, and they thought it was pretty fun! 

 She thought the egg dye was juice…

 Crying because those mean tías wouldn't let him drink his egg dye too!

My mom sent this pack of outer space themed stickers to decorate the eggs… After the kids went to bed, Lindsey and I had a little fun!

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