Saturday, April 26, 2014

Horita Feliz

Just some pictures from Horita Feliz this afternoon…

 All ready to head out!

 R. knows that someone has to hold Baby C. in our group pictures and pointed to her lap and said "C. aqui!" ("C. here!")

 Baby A. excited for Horita Feliz!

 Baby D. sat up by himself for the first time!

S. and I after Horita Feliz… She's been doing so great in her Horita Feliz class and Sunday School class at church!

 Tía Yovana's sister has started bringing her kids to Horita Feliz, and they all LOVE Baby C.! I'd say it's mutual though!

Linnea leaves next week, and today was her last Horita Feliz. She wanted a group picture of all of the big kids, and this was the best one I got… They were clearly ready for a picture!

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