Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lots of Photos!

Today has been pretty non-stop so I'm just going to post some photos of the babies!

I wasn't here for the first official visit, but S. and his sister A. are finally in the visitation period of their adoption... S. is always so happy to see his family! 

 D. is now a big boy and gets to play outside instead of take a morning nap.

Always smiling!

And so is he! This is pre-haircut... After pictures to come another day!

I absolutely LOVE being at the baby house when new kids arrive... Unfortunately B. arrived last night after I'd already left so I didn't get to meet her until today. All we seem to know so far is that she's about 15 months old and has very young, irresponsible parents. I wouldn't be surprised if her case ends in family reinsertion. She's definitely missing her family but is eating well so that's a good sign.

Smile for the camera, A.!

 Big Sister & Little Brother

 Baby M. enjoying tummy time! He's the only baby we've had in a long time who actually enjoys laying on his stomach.

I. "eating" his dinner!

"Take my picture, Tía Hannah!"

In case you ever wondered who the brothers are... No resemblance there! ;)

Baby Jail

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