Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, R.!

Today is R.'s 4th birthday! We decided to celebrate after lunch, but we didn't know until this morning that there were blockades in the city which made getting to House 2 a bit difficult. We had to walk a few kilometers from where the blockades were to where the house is (no transportation can pass through), but we did make it. It was a a pretty warm day and we made it to the house just in time as the frosting had started to melt!

As we expected, R. had no idea it was her birthday. Gina and Michelle, two volunteers at House 2, had taken all of the younger kids to the park so R. wasn't even home when we finally arrived! When they arrived home from the park, we quickly moved all of them to the table to begin the celebration, and R. wanted absolutely NO part of it. She began rubbing her eyes, immediately burst into tears, and nearly a minute later was sound asleep on the floor. She wasn't even awake to eat cake!

 I can't figure out how to get this turned the right way!

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