Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just some cute pictures!

R. has been so smiley lately!

More on this in a future post, but I.'s cleft lip surgery was postponed...

This past Thursday was Friendship Day... I didn't know it until that day but it was fun spending the morning with some of my favorite Bolivian friends!

Such a pretty smile!

She (and all of the other girls) LOVE helping with the babies when we bring them over!

 Love spending time with two of my favorite big girls!

Horita Feliz

Several people asked me if they were sisters, but the answer is no... They just looked too cute in their coordinating outfits at church this morning!

Group picture before church this morning... Needless to say, we had our hands full!

Big girls with their new pencil pouches

Up to no good? Probably so!

 Princess G.

Always screaming!

Lunch time for the babies!

Clearly he took his fashion tips from Baby A.!

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