Thursday, July 2, 2015

Can you help?

Since I have been home, several people have asked me how they can help Casa de Amor, so I wanted to let you know of several upcoming needs of our children. With 15 babies and 14 older children, the cost of therapy and unexpected surgeries can add up quickly. We would like to ask you to partner with us to help these three little boys!

If you feel led to donate, you may do so through Paypal (link here) or you can mail a tax-deductible donation to: GOAL (Global Orphan Assistance League), PO Box 357, Collierville, TN 38027. 

This will be long, so hang in there!

Baby Brayan was born September 4, 2014 and arrived to Casa de Amor just one week later after being given to a lady on the street. We know that his birth mother is quite young, and it is unlikely she received any pre-natal care. As a newborn, we noticed that his neck was often titled to one side. Developmentally, he was not progressing as he should have been either. Now at nearly 10 months old, he is just learning to enjoy tummy-time and beginning to roll over. Recently he has started reaching for toys and sitting up with support. Brayan has recently been diagnosed with a psychomotor delay and brain damage in his right frontal lobe. His neurologist says he will greatly improve with physical therapy and early intervention. 

Casa de Amor has hired a physical therapist who will come three days a week to work with him. Each session is 30 bolivianos, just over $4. We would like the therapist to come five days a week, however, totaling about $22 a week. Can you help sponsor Brayan's physical therapy?

Brayan loves to swing! 

Isaac is the newest arrival to Casa de Amor! He arrived just this week after over a year spent in the Nutrition Center. He was a product of rape and born with a bilateral cleft lip/palate. He was abandoned by his mother, and due to his severe malnutrition, he was taken to the Nutrition Center to gain weight and get stronger for his first surgery (the left side of his lip was repaired March 14, 2015). He is currently 1 year 3 months old. 

Now we would like to ask for help for surgery to repair the right side of his lip on July 24. Surgery for his cleft palate will take place sometime in the next several months after his lip has healed. The cost is 5,000 bolivianos (approximately $735), but a wonderful organization has pledged to pay half of this cost. Casa de Amor is responsible for the other half, totaling $360. Can you help Isaac have his surgery?

Isaac on the day he was brought to Casa de Amor. He is being held by Tía Ely (caregiver at CDA), and is pictured with the social worker of the Nutrition Center (center), and a social worker from the Defensoría (right). 

Not a picture of Isaac, but this is what his cleft lip and palate would have looked like before his surgery. As you can see in the first picture above (when he arrived), his lip is now closed on the left, but still open on the right. His palate is still open, as well, however I have been told that he is eating and drinking milk well. 

Finally, we have 4 year old Carlos! He was brought to Casa de Amor at six months old after being abandoned by his young parents. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur shortly after arriving to Casa de Amor, and it has been managed with medications thus far. A few months ago, Carlos's cardiologist diagnosed him with a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), the most common type of heart defect where the wall between the ventricles in the heart fails to close. Now he needs surgery.

Carlos was scheduled for heart surgery last week, but it was cancelled at the last minute due to a lack of money. An organization pledged to cover 70% of the $13,000-$15,000 needed for his surgery but was unable to cover their part last week. Now we do not know if they will be able to help in the future, so we need to raise it all ourselves. 

Currently, Carlos is doing so well in pre-school! He loves school and doing his homework each day. He is sweet and caring and has been a favorite of many former volunteers! We would like him to have this surgery before he starts kindergarten next February. We can't wait much longer. Can you sponsor Carlos's life-saving heart surgery?

Carlos celebrated his 4th birthday in May with a dinosaur cake!

We so appreciate your help in caring for these boys (and everyone else at Casa de Amor!). We couldn't do it without you!

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