Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adios, S. and A.!

Today was a VERY exciting day for us at Casa de Amor... After many months, the Boohers had their court hearing which gave them permission to take S. and A. home with them!!! Every adoption is exciting, but having watched this entire process and having received so many updates along the way, it was even more so when we heard they were given their court hearing.

The Boohers couldn't wait to have their new children/siblings home and S. and A. couldn't wait either! S. has really struggled during their visits as he just wants to go home with them when they leave, and everyone was ready to really get to know baby brother P., S. and A.'s biological brother who they adopted from a different orphanage. It seems like it's been such a long process, and we couldn't be more thrilled that it is nearly complete!

They had their court hearing this afternoon, and after, we all met up for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate! I only had my phone with me which is why the pictures aren't all that great... Wish I would've brought my good camera!

Congratulations again, Boohers! 

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Pj said...

Dear Hannah,

This is Paula Johnson, Carla's mother. First I want to thank you for your kind and generous heart in caring for the children at Casa de Amor. While I was in Bolivia you blessed me with the way you loved and served so naturally and with joyful abandon.

Thank you for posting the story of the Boohers finally being able to unite as a family, under one roof! You were a "lifesaver" for S. while he was waiting to be placed in Rudi and Carla's home. :)

I read several of your recent posts, and I hope to visit your BLOG again. i like the way you write. :)

i look forward to the BLOG about your new apartment.

Ye are blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth. Psalm 115:15