Friday, July 31, 2015

C.'s Surgery Day... Postponed

This morning, C. was supposed to have his heart surgery. Papers were signed and all was ready to go, and then they brought him breakfast at 8am and insisted that he eat it... and we knew something was up. We were told that surgery was suspended for now and that his doctor would come talk to us about it. Well, his doctor never did come, but the nurses told us it was suspended due to no available bed for him in the ICU after his surgery. Before surgery can take place, there must be a bed in the ICU for the patient or they will not complete the operation. After surgery, C. should spend at least 3-5 days in the ICU so it's definitely a problem if there isn't a bed for him!

We were so disappointed to hear that it was suspended but are hopeful it can take place as planned on Monday morning. Of course we could have the same problem of no ICU beds, but we're hoping and praying for the best! C. was in a good mood all morning, and he's really loving all this extra attention! He's such a great little patient!

Last night, to help prepare C. for his surgery, Sarah did "surgery" on C.'s bear. Ben the Bear had a hole in his heart too, so C. helped patch it up with a bandaid and sewed him back up just like the doctors will do to him! Now C. and Ben will have matching scars.

 Thumbs up to show us he was ready for surgery!

 The nurses insisted C. had to eat breakfast, and Sarah and I insisted that we had to have it confirmed why he couldn't have surgery before letting him eat. 

C. gave me all sorts of stickers today. After leaving the hospital, I found stickers on my jacket and jeans that I didn't even know I had been given!

 He thought putting stickers on his feet was hilarious!

 He begged to play the iPad all morning so it was his treat after eating all of his lunch.

As we all thought he would have surgery this morning, he was woken up quite a bit for his vitals to be taken last night. He was pretty tired this morning and preferred to just lay around and watch tv... An activity he doesn't get to do much at home!

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