Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back in Bolivia!

After a very long night, I made it back to Cochabamba! It was a full day, spending the morning back at the baby house and then out for ice cream and dinner with friends. While in some ways it feels like I never left, it's definitely different not living at the baby house. These next few months will be super busy with starting work and finding an apartment so I've got to enjoy the babies while I still have lots of free time!

Look who I found waiting for me at the airport!

I finally got to meet the newest baby, I.! He's so sweet!

Baby J. seems so much older now!

R. is still her tiny cute self but her hair has definitely grown a lot!

Looking more and more like his big brother, Alexander!

Yummy dinner at Danyelle's house!

Why buy a selfie stick when you can just use a dust pan instead?

Well, that's it for today... I've finished unpacking and am happy to say it's finally time for bed!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

So great to have you back. The month went by lightning fast! You were greatly missed!