Saturday, December 6, 2014

Picture Update

Just same random pictures from the last two months...

Baby B. is growing and changing so much! 

 So many babies!

Big Boy? Maybe it should say chunky boy ;)

 Pretty sure that car seat is not for you!

Tía Claudia, Baby B. and I (she claims Baby B. is her baby, but she might have to fight Sarah about that!)

 "Habi" not screaming for once in her life ;)

 This group picture is already outdated as R. is now living at House 3!

Baby E. ready for an outing to the hospital

 Potty training!

When S. arrived to the baby house and was already potty trained, Tía Lucy took this as an opportunity to teach M. and S. how to use the potty like big boys! M. and S. kind of have the hang of it now, while S. (the new boy) now refuses to tell us when he needs to use the bathroom.

Baby D. puts EVERY thing he finds into his mouth

 Going shopping

His faces for the camera are the best!

 It didn't take him long to learn how to smile for the camera!

We took these three out to church and lunch one day and while eating were asked if they were triplets!

Tía Serafina reading to some of the big kids

I had to get handprints of the big kids one day. Right after I finished telling Belinda to go straight to the sink without touching anything and wash her hands, she walked over to R., smacked her on the face, and left her with two green cheeks!

 Tía Rosi with her baby, Rocio, and her future son-in-law, Baby B.!

R. and S. love coming to the baby house for their weekly speech therapy classes!

Young love

We bathed her right after this!

Containing the wild child ;)

 Her hair reminds me of those little creepy troll dolls!

 Must be time for a haircut

Fashionable? Always.

Tía Silvia threw me out of the house last week so while I was at the boys' house, Sarah and I decided to take K. for a haircut! This is the after picture… It looked better once it was dry!

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