Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pedestrian Day

 My church doesn't have any services on Pedestrian Day, but Savannah is here visiting us and her church did have a service… So we loaded up some of the babies and walked over!

 S. immediately took over pushing Baby C.

 A.M. was a big help too!

 Baby in the basket!

She has such a rough life ;)

 Getting close!

 After church, there was a potluck lunch… They set up these small tables for the kids.

 L. did great on his outing! 

After church, Baby C. and I headed out to take full advantage of Pedestrian Day!

When we went back outside to put the strollers back in storage, we found J. sitting in one. She'd actually covered herself up with the blanket too, but we took it off for the picture!

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